CyPro is a leading information security consulting company lead by cyber experts, with many years of experience. Our expertise is in guiding organizations worldwide to improve their security and to adhere to the highest standards while considering business related challenges and needs.

CyPro experts are among the leading cyber security consultants worldwide, specializing in infrastructure security (Network equipment, servers and workstations, cloud services, ICS / SCADA, network security and endpoint security products, and more), physical security and cyber security governance.

Few of the activities our experts took part of include the following:

  • Architecture review of core banking systems of some of the largest banks in Israel and in the world as well as review of complex ISP's networks.

  • Guidance of leading enterprises in their service migration to the cloud, including the planning of a secure architecture design, providing hardening guides for securing the cloud provider services (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc.) and conducting security assessments of the cloud environments before moving to production.

  • Conducting security assessment of few of the largest Industrial Control Systems (ICS) networks in Israel.


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