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Business Continuity Plan (BCP)


Every organization maintains a continuous life cycle and in order to ensure the continuity of this life cycle and the efficient and continuous functioning of the critical business processes on which the organization is based when providing service to its customers, a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is required.​

In this program, the organization defines for each critical processes, what is the maximum period of time in which it can survive downtime or disruption of the business activity (RTO - Recovery Time Objective) until reaching a state of partial / complete recovery and how much information the organization is willing to loss when recovering data (RPO – Recovery Point Objective).

In addition, this program will ensure functional and operational continuity of the critical business processes in the organization, which will include emergency response, logistical and operational readiness, rapid and efficient recruitment and response of personnel, information systems infrastructure preparation (Disaster Recovery Plan – DRP), information security, and return to routine plan.

CyPro’s experts will help your organization build and implement a business continuity plan that will allow you to recover quickly in the event of a malfunction, cyber attack or catastrophic event while minimizing the costs involved in downtime.

Cypro's Business Continuity Plan is made up of seven stages:

  1. Development of business continuity policy.

  2. Business Impact Analysis (BIA).

  3. Attribution of risks and identification of controls to prevent them.

  4. Definition of roles and responsibilities.

  5. Create an emergency management strategy and business recovery plan based on the following characteristics:

    • RTO - Recovery Time Objective

    • RPO - Recovery Point Objective

  6. Exercises, simulations, tutorials and awareness.

  7. Regularly updating of the program.


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