Cloud Security

Make sure your cloud data and assets are secured

Cloud services provides many advantages to an organization, including scalability, flexibility, efficiency, cost reduction and joining an enterprise-grade level of security that meets the highest security standards that can be offered by the cloud provider. However, cloud services also raise various extra risks that your organization must recognize and mitigate before cloud transition take place. This can be done by using built-in security features provided by the cloud provider itself and others need to be address by external security controls.

CyPro provides various services to help your organization migrate safely to the cloud or improve the security of your existing cloud environment while maximizing the built-in security capabilities of the cloud services to minimize costs and without compromising on security.

Here are the services offered by CyPro:

Cloud migration readiness:

Examining your organization's readiness to move to the cloud:

  • Examining legal or regulatory issues that may limit your organization's ability to hold various information in the cloud.

  • Examining the compatibility of your current processes and procedures to cloud environment.

  • Analyze threats relevant to the systems that will be migrated to the cloud.

  • Examine existing security capabilities in the cloud service chosen by your or helping you select the right cloud service provider according to your needs.

  • Provide you with recommendations for implementing security controls.

Cloud Security Assessment:

Ensure your cloud infrastructure meets security best practices by conducting hands-on configuration review of the cloud management console, instances, databases, storage services, security systems and other cloud-offered services and provides you with tailored recommendations to mitigate any security gap found.

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