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Data Privacy Review 

The Privacy Protection (Information Security) Regulations - 2017 came into effect in May 2018 and emphasize the security controls that every company that manages repositories of Personally identifiable information (PII) must implement for the purpose of securing this information. In addition, section 16 (a) of the regulations states that for each repository defined as medium or high security level, an audit must be performed at least once every 24 months by an independent external party with appropriate training to perform audits regarding information security.

CyPro's experts specialize in conducting security audits in accordance with the requirements of the law and regulation and will be able to assist you in conducting periodic audits of the repositories managed by you.


This periodic audit will help your organization manage the risks relevant to all repositories containing PII and any organization's assets associated with the repository. In addition, this audit will examin the security controls implemented for all repository assets and will identifying vulnerabilities and security threats that can jeperdize the information. 


The product of the audit will include a list of security gaps against the regulatory requirements for each repository reviewed and will provide recommendations for improving the level of security and meeting the requirements while making maximum use of existing organizational resources.



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