Defense in Depth Security Review

Find the security breach of tomorrow

Attackers are becoming more sophisticated and combine various attack techniques, including the use of various technological tools to exploit security vulnerabilities while using social engineering technics to exploit the absence of security procedures, lack of employee awareness and physical security measures, in order to gain access to the organization critical assets.

To mitigate these sophisticated attacks, the organization must adopt a defense in depth approach in which a series of defensive mechanisms (Administrative, Operational and Technical security controls all together) are layered in order to protect valuable data and systems. If one mechanism fails, other steps up immediately to mitigate the attack. This multi-layered approach reduces the likelihood of cyber incident and also may lower its impact.


In order to ensure that your corporate network and assets are well prepared against various attack vectors threatening you, CyPro offers a defense in depth assurance service. CyPro will map critical assets, cyber threats, security weaknesses and security controls in your corporate network in order to have a clear view of the risks your organization is threatened by. CyPro will provide you with proper recommendations for improving the overall security posture, by improving the technical, operational and administrative security controls related to securing your corporate assets.

Defense in Depth Layers:

Data: Protecting the attacker’s ultimate target, including database records, identities, documents, etc.

Application: Protecting the software that manipulate the data that is the ultimate target of attack.

Host: Protecting the computers that are running the applications.

Internal Network: Protecting the corporate IT infrastructure.

Perimeter (DMZ): Protecting the network that connects the corporate IT infrastructure to another network, such as to external users, partners or the internet.

Physical: Protection of the physical environment in which the organization's assets are located (employees, servers, workstations, information assets, etc.).

Policies, Procedures and Awareness: The guiding principles of security and the organization's strategy for protecting its assets.

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