Typing on a Computer

Digital Forensics

Your computer behaves strange? Something looks suspicious? Mouse and keyboard have their own will? Do you have a feeling you are not alone? Or maybe someone is watching you behind your computer camera? We have all the answers for the above questions.


CyPro's experts have the experience and tools to solve any digital problem and identify threats. The process consists of the following stages:

  • Acquisition

  • Examine

  • Analysis

  • Conclusion

  • Reporting


Here are just a few areas where we can assist:

  • Cyber Dome – providing a cyber armor dome before and after a cyber incident (developing a cyber incident methodology, quick cyber defense and handling response, visibility enhancement and more).

  • Handle cyber incidents (Ransomware, Data exfiltration) and help in identifying malicious files and processes in your network.

  • Digital investigation on organization machines to identify suspicious behavior or theft (insider threat).

  • 4 levels of Digital forensics to detect malicious threats (IOC, behavior, Hunting, Hybrid).

  • Forensic comparison of files to determine source and fake.

  • Event logs analysis of entire network to detect cyber-attacks (attack on users/passwords/ credential stealing/logs manipulation and more).

  • Unique ability to identify unknown malwares and viruses by using advanced forensics and threat hunting techniques.

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