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GDPR Compliance


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a privacy Law in Europe since May 25th, 2018. This Law present a several requirements for organizations that provide services to Europe citizens and guide them how to handle and manage the data of data subjects. In addition, it present fundamental rights to protect data of natural persons.

CyPro will help your organization comply with GDPR law requirements by conducting a GDPR Gap Analysis Review.

During this review, CyPro's experts will examine the business processes related to the storage and management of data subject in your organization, map the GDPR requirements that you organization require to comply with, analyse the security controls implemented by your organization to secure to data, and provide you with a list of security gaps that need to be mitigated to achieve compliance.

The review will be performed by interviewing the process and data owners and examining any document relevant to the business processes.

The mapping of each business processes will include information such as description of the process data flow, the method used for collecting and handling the data, the purpose of the process, critical assets used during the process, and the handling of data subjects’ rights. 

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