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Infrastructure Security

Secure your network assets

The advancing capabilities of organized hacker groups and cyber adversaries creates an increasing global threat to information systems and the infrastructure supporting them. These attacks harm confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

CyPro has developed a unique approach and methodology to help detect weaknesses in your organization's infrastructure and guide you through implementation of the most appropriate security controls suited for your needs to mitigate security risks.


Architecture Review

Validate your communications network and systems were designed and integrated according to common security best practices to reduce their attack surface by applying segmentation, using secure protocols, encrypting data, and implementing compensating security controls, etc. During this test, we conduct a series of interviews with key personnel responsible for the different network or systems in question.  And we examine existing design documents and network topology in order to identify security gaps that may be exploited by unauthorized parties.


Security Assessments

Provides you with tailored recommendations to mitigate any security gap found by conducting hands-on configuration review of your servers, workstations, databases, storage systems, network equipment, security systems such as your Firewalls, IPS, NAC, DLP, Antivirus, in order to ensure your infrastructure meet security best practices.


Penetration Tests

Examine your organization's infrastructure resilience against cyber-attacks that originate from an external or internal entity with or without permissions. During this assessment various scanning and attacking tools are used alongside with manual attacking techniques, to detect and take advantage of security misconfiguration and software vulnerabilities, to gain unauthorized access to your company resources.

The security gaps are then analyzed in order to provide recommendations for improving the security level of the organization in order to prevent the recurrence of attacks by an attacker.

Third party due diligence

Ensure that your third-party contractors and subsidiaries who have access to your network resources (either remotely or locally), adhere to agreed or desired security policies of your organization and follow security best practices in order to secure your own data resides within their systems. This assessment is done by visiting your third-party site and examine the security level of their network through interviewing of key personnel and optionally conducting hands-on configuration review of selected resources.


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