ISO 27001 Compliance


ISO 27001 is an information security management system (ISMS) standard with the purpose of ensuring the proper management and protection of the organization data.

ISO 27001 certified organizations are recognized by their customers and suppliers as having an adequate level of organizational security that meets security best practices.

The following domain are covered by the ISO 27001 certification:

With the help of CyPro's experts, your company will also be able to implement the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard easily and efficiently while making the most of the existing resources in your organization.

Our experts will accompany your organization from start pioint to certification.

During the preparation period for the ISO certification, a risk identification and management process will be implemented to enables the continuous improvement of the security controls and reduction of security risks to which your organization is exposed. In addition, as part of the preparation, procedures and policies will be written based on the organization's conduct and the security controls implemented by it, as well as defining of additional security controls needed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your information.


The methodology used by CyPro includes an examination of the security controls in place for protecting the organization data and corporate assets across the ISO 27001 requirements:

  • Get to know the organization:

    • Kick off meeting to get to know the organization, his business processes and the key personal.

    • Schedule meetings with the relevant key personnel.

  • Understanding and analyzing business processes:

    • Analysis the business processes that managing data (sensitive data and PII).

    • Identification of PII and his process in the company.

    • Examine the data flow mapping.

    • Examine the data Classification regarding the severity of the data.

  • Managing the communication with the certified body

    • Handling with the organization registration in front of the certified body.

    • Setting optional dates for certification.

  • Risk management

    • Identify the security risks.

    • Risk management according to the security levels that will be defined.

  • Policy documents, procedures and declaration of applicability

    • Writing and updating policy documents and security procedures regarding the organization's conduct.

    • Defining the security controls that the organization must meet and the level of compliance with them.

  • Internal test

    • Existence of an internal assessment for the purpose of preparing the key personnel for the external assessment.

    • Checking the status of security treat regarding the the risk management process.

    • Writing of findings report

  • Management survey

    • A management meeting, presentation of the ISO process and the current situation.

  • External test

    • Conducting an external inspection with the Auditor of the certified body.

  • Building an annual work plan

    • Upon receipt of the external audit report, an annual work plan will be defined.

  • Certification

    • After completing the steps described above, the certification is obtained.​


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