ISO 27701 Compliance


ISO 27701 PIMS (Privacy Security Management System), is a standard for private information management which is an extension of the ISO 27001 standard for information security management in the organization. This extended standard provides guidance on information privacy for the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of an information privacy management system in information security.

Whether your organization is ISO 27001 certified or not, CyPro can help you meet the requirements of the two standards together or complete compliance with the additional ISO 27701 requirements alone.

CyPro will accompany your organization through the certification process from the initial characterization stage to the receipt of the desired certification.


During the preparation period for the ISO certification, a risk identification and management process will be implemented to enables the continuous improvement of the security controls and reduction of security risks to which your organization is exposed. In addition, as part of the preparation, procedures and policies will be written based on the organization's conduct and the security controls implemented by it, as well as defining of additional security controls needed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your information.

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