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Delivered by a team of experienced professionals, CyPro offers a wide range of consulting services for a variety of business sectors and clients. Whether you are a small to medium start-up company or a large international enterprise, we can assist you in securing and protecting your assets against cyber-attacks and always considering your business-related challenges and needs.

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Defense in Depth Security Review:

CyPro offers a unique security review to ensure that your corporate network and assets are well prepared against various attack vectors threatening you. During this review, we perform a mapping of critical assets, cyber threats, security weaknesses and security controls in your corporate network. This allows us to have a clear view of the risks that your organization is threatened by and provides you with proper recommendations for improving the overall security posture, by improving security controls related to securing your corporate assets.


Infrastructure Security

CyPro has developed a unique approach and methodology to help detect weaknesses in your organization's infrastructure and guide you through the implementation of the most appropriate security controls suited for your needs in order to mitigate all detected risks.

Our main infrastructure security services includes Architecture Review, Security Assessments, Vulnerability Scans and Third Party Due Diligent.

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Cloud Security

CyPro provides various services to help your organization migrate safely to the cloud or improve the security of your existing cloud environment. This is accomplished while maximizing the built-in security capabilities of cloud services minimizing costs without compromising on security.

Our cloud security services include the Cloud Migration Readiness, which make sure you have everything you need to migrate securely to the cloud, and Cloud Security Assessments service, which ensures your existing cloud environment is properly secured.


CISO as a Service

Many organizations today recognize and understand the need of appointing dedicated personnel (such as a CISO - Chief Information Security Officer) to deal and maintain security. However, this may have overwhelmed costs.

CyPro provides a tailored “CISO as a service” offering, which can provide your business with all necessary information security requirements across the organization. This includes managing ongoing security tasks, planning a security strategy and leading the organization to compliance with legal and regulatory standards related to Information Security.

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